The Columbia Doctoral Program in Sustainable Development is housed at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). The first year of the doctoral program is taken with the first year PhD students in Department of Economics at Columbia University, along with a course in environmental science. Coursework in the later years is tailored to the student's reseach area, typically advanced graduate courses from departments in social and natural sciences, and engineering. Students also benefit from being part of the Earth Institute's research and practice programs that focus on sustainable development.

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Placement Administrators:

Placement Director: Bentley MacLeod ││310-571-5083
Program Director: John C Mutter │ │212-854-0716
Economics Advisor: Douglas Almond │ │212-854-7248
Placement Assistant: Tomara Aldrich │ │212-854-9785

2016/17 Placements:

Kayleigh Campbell World Bank, Development Impact Evaluation Group Consultant
Anthony D'Agostino Stanford, Food Security and the Environment  Post-Doc
Eyal Frank Princeton, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs Post-Doc
Stephanie Lackner Princeton, Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP), Woodrow Wilson School of Public and  International Affairs Post-Doc
Kimbely Lai Oremus UC Santa Barbara Bren, Sustainable Fisheries Group  Post-Doc
Ruinan Liu Bain & Company, Shanghai Consultant
Steffen Merte Bain & Company, Frankfurt Consultant

Information on 2018 Job Market Candidates will be posted in the fall.