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The Tech and Policy Initiative at SIPA is an ambitious effort to explore international policy-making in the 21st century. The initiative includes interdisciplinary research that examines and anticipates digital public policy problems and offers innovative solutions, with a focus on internet governance, cybersecurity, and the digital economy. It seeks to identify and help solve future digital policy issues for policymakers, entrepreneurs, and the public, and directly engages in global debates through major conferences, workshops and applied projects. The initiative seeks to build new partnerships with universities, NGOs, academics, and the private sector, to prepare students for a world where policy-making involves collaborations across multiple sectors and stakeholders and requires an understanding of the policy challenges of new technologies.

Through activities with the broader Columbia intellectual community, events with global policymakers, technologists, entrepreneurs and scholars, the Initiative aims to create new knowledge by blending a deep understanding of technological developments and global policy-making. By equipping public policy students with a deep understanding of new technologies, nurturing organizations that are building novel, tech-based solutions to pressing public policy problems, and supporting cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, SIPA is establishing itself as a global hub of activity and intellectual leadership on digital technology and global policy-making.

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Explore the variety of conferences, workshops and panels hosted at SIPA on technology and public policy issues.

Global Digital Futures Policy Forum 2017

Global Digital Futures Policy Forum 2017

SIPA’s 2017 Global Digital Futures Policy Forum focused on the tension between fragmentation of the internet and globalization.


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Watch videos from recent technology and policy related interviews, panels and events at SIPA.


Global Digital Futures Policy Forum 2016

Global Digital Futures Policy Forum 2016

A short summary of SIPA's annual tech and policy forum


SIPA Conversations: A Discussion on Cyber and Internet Governance

Conversation with Steve Bellovin and Laura DeNardis

A discussion about the differences between the cyber and internet governance communities


SIPA Conversations: A Discussion on Decision-making Under Uncertainty in Cyber

Conversation with Bob Jervis and Rose McDermott

A discussion on decision-making with technology under uncertainty.

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