SIPA's Global Fellows Program brings to Columbia University a distinguished group of global leaders, each of whom plays a significant role in designing, shaping or implementing solutions to critical global problems.

The Global Fellows serve as important resources for academic and professional programs throughout the University, through public lectures, seminar meetings with faculty and students, mentoring students, and advice on research and teaching in their areas of knowledge and experience. Global Fellows may choose to teach and may do so in collaboration with SIPA faculty; if available, when their interests and schedules make it possible.


2016|Brookings Institution Press|Richard Betts, Leslie Gelb

The Irony of Vietnam: The System Worked

2016|Queens Tribune|Ester R. Fuchs, Patricia Culligan

The Real New Yorkers Win Their Primaries: Can We Count On Them To Deliver?

2016|Rethinking the Central Bank’s Mandate, Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review|Patricia Mosser
2016|Housing Finance Reform Incubator, Housing Finance Policy Center, The Urban Institute|Patricia Mosser
2016|Irish Political Studies|Elazar Barkan

Memories of Violence: Micro and Macro History and the Challenges to Peacebuilding in Colombia and Northern Ireland

2016|Today In America|Michael Nutter
2015|A five-person collaborative book by Jingtian Guo, poet, Rongxiang Jia, poet, Adela J. Gondek, English variations on all poems, Tigang Guo, calligrapher, and Yujie Kang, artist|Adela Gondek
2014|Journal of International Affairs |Glenn Denning, S. Haggblade, D. Boughton, Khin Mar Cho
2014|USAID|Glenn Denning, Kye Baroang, Tun Min Sandar

Paper prepared for USAID/Burma under contract GDG-A-02-000921-0 with Michigan State University (MSU) as background for the “Strategic Agricultural Sector and Food Security Diagnostic for Myanmar.”