Jaehyun Jung

Job Market Information:

Fields: Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Health Economics
Job Market Paper: Can Abortion Mitigate Transitory Shocks?: Demographic Consequences under Son Preference
Recommenders: Cristian Pop-Eleches, Doug Almond, Rodrigo Soares


Jaehyun is a sixth-year student in the PhD program in Sustainable Development. He studies human capital formation in developing countries by identifying subtle but crucial changes within households after various environmental, social or policy shocks in observational and experimental settings. One of his projects focuses on the impact of weather shocks on a household's decision on fertility and a child's sex in rural Vietnam.

He received a Bachelor of Business Administration at Yonsei University, South Korea in 2008 and a Master of Public Administration at SIPA, Columbia University in 2012. Prior to Columbia, he was a research analyst at the Export-Import Bank of Korea for three years. At the Bank, he monitored several rural development programs and organized workshops to share Korea’s economic development policies in African countries. He also participated in the Project Malawi, a public health project on HIV/AIDS prevention and maternal and child health program in 2011.