DP120: News and development insights from the MPA-DP in 120 seconds

DP120 Episode 4: Monitoring and Evaluation, MIT D-Lab and more!


DP120- Episode 4: Monitoring and Evaluation, MIT D-Lab and more!

DP120 Episode 3

DP120- Episode 3: Summer Placement Requirement

DP120 - Episode 2

DP120- Episode 2: DP Lab, Practical Tools for the Age of Sustainable Goals

DP120 Initiative


DP120- Episode 1: Introduction, Practice Makes the Practitioner

Summer Placement Profile

MDP Summer Film Profiles: Karolina in Nepal


Karolina in Nepal

Karolina Walęcik (Class of 2016) spent her summer field placement executing a post-earthquake aid transparency project with the Mobile Citizens Help Desk at Accountability Lab in Kathmandu, Nepal.

MDP Summer Film Profiles: Elaine in Lesotho


Elaine in Lesotho

Elaine Kubik (Class of 2016) partnered with Jhpiego in Maseru, Lesotho to support the demand creation team targeting high-risk young men for HIV prevention services.

MDP Summer Film Profiles: Olive in Jordan


Olive in Jordan

Olive Nsababera (Class of 2016) worked with UNICEF in Amman, Jordan, to explore the drivers of refugee youth engagement in peacebuilding efforts in the Middle East and North Africa.

MDP Summer Film Profiles: Swetha in Tanzania


Swetha in Tanzania

Swetha Ramaswamy (Class of 2016) worked with the Africa Soil Information Service in Arusha, Tanzania, developing curriculum for local enumerators to improve soil analysis using geospatial data supplied by UAVs.

MPA-DP summer story: Jessemin in Mozambique


Jessemin in Mozambique

Jessemin Sage Sheyda-Losick (Class of 2012) spent his summer field placement working on a rapid assessment of five Millennium Villages in Gaza Province, Mozambique.

MPA-DP summer story: Gaelle in Uganda


Gaelle in Uganda

Gaelle Espinosa (Class of 2012) partnered with community leaders in rural Uganda to plant trees in exchange for carbon credits.

MPA-DP summer story: Megan in Cambodia


Megan in Cambodia

Megan Colnar (Class of 2012) worked with over 400 women honey producers in rural Cambodia to better market and brand their products.

MPA-DP summer story: Susmita in Bangladesh


Susmita in Bangladesh

Susmita De (Class of 2012) worked in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where she partnered with BRAC to integrate ICT4D solutions into its community health worker program. 

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